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My Vision for Product Teams
Engaged product teams continuously creating impactful outcomes by learning and making decisions through their weekly interactions with users.
A Manifesto for Building High Performing Cross-Functional Teams
Teams get work done and are the fundamental building block in organisations. Team experiences determines engagement.
Open Space Technology: A Change Mechanism for Teams of All Sizes
Imagine turning the “hallway track” into the main event, that is what Open Space Technology does for an event.
Kubernetes is a red flag signalling premature optimisation.
If your company uses Kubernetes, you are likely expending energy on something that doesn’t take you towards your mission.
How to grow a Manager of Managers?
What is my training model for a Director or Senior Manager?
How can you help a team that is struggling to deliver?
How to react, early warning systems and practices that help.
Sustainable Delivery in Engineering
How can we as engineers deliver quickly, with quality at a sustainable pace over time? I share some of the opinions I have formed.

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