About Jeremy Brown

About Jeremy Brown

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My goal is to help people have the best experiences in their working lives and create astonishing outcomes.

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I have an incredibly diverse background. I started my career as a software engineer working on the operating system of Symbian smartphones, then delivered software solutions as a consultant - before spending time in pre-sales engineering and sales. I have come full circle back to engineering and building products. I love to build products and believe that my product is the people and the system they operate in. If I can create the right environment, those people will create amazing products that people will love.

Having a profession that only requires a laptop and an Internet connection, I’ve indulged in my passion of being a global nomad. Though my origins are Firish (Finnish/Irish), I’ve spent little time in either country.

I love all sorts of sports and have done a few seriously. I learnt to row at school and rowed competitively at university and later at a local club in Manchester. It’s allowed me to compete at the prestigious Henley Royal Regatta. I was even a category winner of the Head of the River Race in London, and many other races. When I started travelling a lot for work, I took up fell running and have completed several marathons and ultramarathons both on and off-road since. Today I’m more of a recreational runner and am more likely to be found out on my bike.

I’ve been riding motorbikes for years, and this passion culminated in taking a sabbatical, while working at Accenture, to ride through Africa on a motorbike in 2008. Check out www.2wheels2africa.com for more information on that adventure. While travelling, I saw the possibilities there and started a company with a few friends in Cameroon. It ended up being quite an experience, buy me a pint of IPA, and I’ll tell you all about it!

I also enjoy following the other football team from Manchester, Man City. I developed a taste for the roller coaster ride of being a City fan while at University in Manchester when they were yo-yo-ing between the divisions.

Why do you use “tenfourty” as your handle/username? People ask me that question so often I thought I’d answer that here. Tenfourty is a variation on the term “the 10 / 40 Window”, which describes an area of the globe in the eastern hemisphere located between 10 and 40 degrees north of the equator (see map), an area that in 1990 was purported to have the highest level of socioeconomic challenges. I was born in this area and have spent most of my life growing up, living, working and travelling in this area. It seemed like a pretty good handle/nickname to me in the early 90s when you had to have a “handle” on the dial-up Bulletin Board Systems I visited in pre-Internet days. With the advent of Facebook, most people seem to use their real names, but I still like my deliberately misspelt handle.

The 10/40 Window
The area covered by the 10 / 40 Window