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Free Resources

This page has some of my free resources.

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πŸ“š My Practice Library

This is an opinionated collection of practices aimed at changing human behaviours which impact business results (also called outcomes). They are organised around the Mobius Loop model, which helps us navigate when to use each practice.

I, Jeremy Brown, built this first and foremost for myself to help me refer back to practices I regularly use.

On my website, I've regularly referred to various practices in the Open Practice Library. At the same time, the Open Practice Library is a collection of many different practices, quite an overwhelming collection of them in fact. This is because of the vibrant community of folks that have contributed over the years. I am hugely proud of this since the Open Practice Library results from my work in Red Hat's Open Innovation Labs.

I wanted to create a more opinionated subset of practices that I feel are relevant to the way I work and how I coach teams to work. This isn't to mean that these are the best practices, far from it. However, I have a lot of experience using them, and they fit logically together.

Check it out!

Other Resources

πŸ“š A List of Good Books To Read For Leaders

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