My Principles for Posting on Social Media

My Principles for Posting on Social Media
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Currently I am focused on and posting on LinkedIn.

I'm also on X/Twitter (I've paused using it for quite some time) and Threads (mostly a placeholder account).

These are the principles I've come up with for how and what I will post on social media:

  • No scammy feeling language that feels like it was written to trick you and game the algorithm. I will use my voice even if it means I get less reach.
  • I will give away as much of my content as possible for free on social media in varied short formats.
    • While I would prefer to bring everyone to my platform (my website and newsletter), I realise that isn't realistic, so I'd prefer to meet users where they are.
    • My newsletter and the resources I provide for subscribers will be similar but different; I aim for longer-form, deeper-dive content (Social Media prefers shorter forms and more varied formats).
  • Social media platforms like to keep us inside their walled gardens so they can monetize our attention, and, supposedly, we prefer to stay inside these walled gardens.
    • I'll only occasionally ask folks to take an action outside the platform, like subscribe to my newsletter. Instead, I'll focus on continuing the conversation on social media.
    • Instead, I'll put links in my profiles so folks can subscribe to this newsletter and contact me for my services.
  • I will not contribute to the enshittification of the internet!
    • I'll generally try to avoid too many AI-generated images; while AI can create some cool images, I find it is overused.
    • Similarly, while AI is immensely useful in drafting posts, I won't let it write for me, and I don't want my voice drowned by AI-generated text.
  • No politics or other divisive topics! I'll keep my content focused on work-related topics.
    • While I have opinions, most political conversations on social media are divisive. Let's have a coffee or a meal together if you want to talk politics.
  • What you can expect from me:
    • I want to connect with more people and have wholesome human interactions with them.
    • As I connect with people, I want us to grow together. I have so much to learn, and I also feel I might have a few things to give.
    • Instead, I'll avoid fluff and BS and try to share helpful, high-quality content around culture, leadership, management, engineering, product management, and technology.
    • I'll share occasional behind-the-scenes updates on my various projects.
    • I'll post 3-5 times a week, focusing on the European timezone (as that is where my target market is), so I'll post first thing in the morning so folks can catch me with their coffee.
    • I will regularly retrospect on how things are going and adjust what I do based on your feedback and how all of this makes me feel.
  • What about you?
    • If you are on these platforms and follow me, I would love it if you genuinely engaged with me on the topics I'm posting about. Taking the time to read (or watch) what I post and then comment to grow the conversation goes a long way to help us reach more folks and grow together.
    • Give me feedback, and tell me if something makes you cringe or isn't valuable.