“The Fear”

I've been working on a new project. I want to put something out into the world. I've been gripped by "the fear".

“The Fear”
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I've been working on a new project. I want to put something out into the world.

I've been gripped by "the fear".

Imagine peering over the edge of a huge cliff jump. Let that feeling linger in you for a moment.

There are butterflies in your stomach and an invisible force seems to be holding you back from jumping. A screaming voice in your head says “don’t do it!”

This is the kind of fear that gives me sleepless nights.

The fear that others will laugh at me.

The fear pushes me off course from my goal into procrastinating in my comfort zone. In my case tinkering with tech.

It's the kind of fear which has me building that thing instead of talking to potential users to see if they really want it!

I drift.

Work on the things I know well.

I delay and stall... time slips away.

I'm not ready... I don't know enough. I need to do more research. I need to dive deeper into areas I don't know about.

What am I thinking? I feel inadequate. Who am I to think that I could do this? I'm not a lone genius driven by divine inspiration. I have no credentials for this. There are others doing this, of course. They seem so slick, so... perfect.

I know that what I'm working on will not result in an overnight success. This will require hard graft over several years before I'll know if it is worth it. Do I have the staying power? Do I have the time? I already feel exhausted, how can it possibly be a good idea to put more on my plate?

What about my family? I don't want to do this and make them pay the price with me around less.

Dream, build, dream, build... but never launch. I feel stuck in a downwards spiral.

Deep down I know I need to get it "out there". I know that "everyone has a plan until they are punched in the face". I know it's only by receiving that punch that I will be able to learn and grow and build the right thing.

And yet... The fear of failing publicly is terrifying.

With this note I want to acknowledge this fear publicly. I want to let others know that I'm working on something. I want to build accountability with you. I want you to ask me what I’m working on and when will it drop.

The fear that grips me won't hold me back.


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Jeremy (he/him)


Don't ignore your dreams, don't work too much, say what you think, cultivate friendships, be happy.