Is RSS dying?

So today I open up my RSS reader (I migrated to News­blur after Google killed Reader) and I’m brows­ing my usual feeds — includ­ing Dil­bert when I see this:

Grrr! Even after check­ing the web­site and going to the offi­cial feed it’s still bro­ken and the worst is that Scott Adams has decided to do this on pur­pose in some sort of per­verse and mis­guided attempt to drive traf­fic to their website.

You can’t beat the inter­net and geeks though and of course now there are alter­na­tive feeds like this one from Kimmo Suomi­nen which com­pletely fix things and made the Dil­bert move seem even like a move by the pointy head boss because it’s been worked around already.

Seri­ously though, why is such a great open stan­dard like RSS not being respected more, is it because every­one uses Face­book for their updates and it’s only us geeks still using RSS?