Open Sourcing my Linode StackScripts

I use Lin­ode to host a VPS and they have a great fea­ture called StackScriptswhich allows you to:

StackScripts pro­vide a flex­i­ble way to cus­tomize our dis­tri­b­u­tion tem­plates. They’re very easy to use — find a StackScript, answer its ques­tions, and click deploy. When the deploy­ment is first booted, the script is exe­cuted and does its thing. You can even watch its progress by view­ing the console.

I’ve used these for a while and decided to open source these scripts to make them pub­licly avail­able on github - feel free to fork and update these or let me know of your vari­a­tions on these on Linode’s StackScripts library (where my code is also available).