🚀 More than a new coat of paint, a new beginning!

🚀 More than a new coat of paint, a new beginning!

Hi Folks,

Here it is! The new version of my website! 🚀

You have been following my blog at “HEY! World”, and you know I decided to migrate away from HEY! for email and my blog. So if you are receiving this in your email, you were subscribed to my old blog, and I’ve migrated your subscription over (you can leave at any time!).

I will spare you most technical details, except I’m using Ghost, a non-profit organisation building open source technology for independent publishing. So instead, I want to focus on why I’m making this change.

My goal is to help people have the best experiences in their working lives and create astonishing outcomes.

It is this purpose that motivates me at work.

For a few years, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I could grow the circle of the folks I can help beyond those I have the fortune to work with. As I thought about it, a couple clear themes started to emerge. First, I want to continue making a positive impact at work. Second, I want to help others via writing here and speaking in various formats.

Last year, I wrote about “The Fear” but never said what the cliff was that I wanted to jump off. Then I got absolutely consumed by the pressure of working in a startup facing many challenges. It has been intense!

Thankfully I’ve had a bit of time to reflect recently, and I’ve decided that I would like to put things back on track. So, in the spirit of having you all hold me accountable, I will do this all in the open!

So, what am I planning to do? Well, three things. A weekly newsletter, a podcast and a YouTube channel!

📰 Newsletter

I’ve wanted to write more regularly and intentionally about things that scratch my itches, such as geeky technology, cross-functional product development and engineering. In the past, I have struggled with establishing my own healthy tempo and cadence (and staying motivated)

So I’m starting this experiment: a weekly post published on this site on Sunday. If you stay subscribed, you’ll receive an email with my Newsletter. These posts will vary in length depending on how much time I have.

I’m sure the format will evolve over time - please do reply as I would value your feedback.

Next Sunday 15th of May 2022, I’ll publish the first Newsletter. I aim to keep going until the end of this year.

🎙 Podcast

I love podcasts. I learned so much from hearing others on Podcasts.

I’m also passionate about building teams that build great products. I think there is just so much to learn from how others work. I’m a geek about understanding the patterns organisations use to organise themselves and the process, practices and methods they use. That said, I don’t believe in copy-paste. We can learn by understanding the context in which different patterns are used, what works at various stages of a company’s growth, etc.

One of the things I miss from my time as a consultant is the sheer variety of organisations I was able to see in action. I learned so much from each one. Both from observing them and also from trying different methods to help them.

So I’m going to start a podcast that aims to give you a window into how different organisations work.

If there is a particular organisation that you would like to hear about, or you have a friend, or you, who should be on the Podcast, please hit reply to this email.

📺 YouTube Channel

This is the scariest thing to talk about. In fact, this is what my post last year called “The Fear” was all about. I have felt for some time that I could combine my ability to write, talk and present by also starting a YouTube channel.

People are learning by watching videos online. I want to build a body of work that would have helped my younger self. I aim to do that by writing this Newsletter, the Podcast and creating short, focused videos on various topics that would help my younger self.

Honestly, this is the most daunting part of what I want to do. But, putting this out there is an effort to break through into doing.

For those of you that know me, or even if you don’t, are there some topics that come to mind that you think I should cover?

🤲 I’m going to build this in the open

I’m a huge believer in open and a fan of open organisations like Buffer and Ghost, which build in public. I intend to do the same with the Newsletter, Podcast and YouTube channel.

I hope you will keep me accountable and provide me with the support that I need to keep going.

On my side, I commit to regularly sharing my progress and my metrics. My goal is to give back. If this whole thing takes off and I start to make money, I will share that with you.

Drop me a note, and let me know what you think!

Jeremy (he/him)


Don't ignore your dreams, don't work too much, say what you think, cultivate friendships, and be happy.

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